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New Spaw Services

At Adogable Pet Services we’re launching a new line of exciting luxury services to kick off the New Year!  We already offer more than premium grooming and with our highly skilled and experienced staff, we go above and beyond to make sure your dog or cat is finished looking, show ready, prize worthy and Puparazzi perfect. Adogable’s award winning stylists offer top notch AKC grooming for any breed, with skills to fix any garage-groom you may have had in the past. We are now proud to announce our newest high-end spa services; a full time “Spaw”  so that your pets can enjoy the luxury and pampering they deserve! Services include a warm Therma-Wrap treatment, Spa-Paw; pad re-moisturizing, relaxing massage and blueberry facials, all of which re-introduce essential oils and moisture back into your pet’s skin and coat. Only the highest quality, all natural conditioners and treatments including soothing lavender. All our services are especially beneficial for older dogs that suffer from arthritis and hip dysplasia, even though all pets will enjoy and benefit from these luxury spa treatments. The same relaxing and silky soft feeling you get after a day of indulgence is now available for your favorite, furry family member. We invite your fur kid to come to Adogable’s and get the undivided attention and TLC that our caring staff will provide.



At Adogable We Care About Your Pets Wellness.

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One of the Exciting New Spaw Services at Adogable!!

~Because we care about your pets wellness ~


-Luxury Therma-Wrap-

Our Moisturizing Therma-Wrap adds elasticity and restores damaged coat, while soothing and moisturizing the skin. This is pampering at its finest. First your pet is bathed in one of our specially formulated all-natural, soap and detergent free shampoos. After rinsing, we apply a luxurious remoisterizing conditioner, rich in essential fatty acids and oils, Aloe Vera and oatmeal, onto your pet’s coat, massaging into the skin. Next, your pet is wrapped in a warm, moist towel for 15 minutes, with lots of affection from your pets stylist throughout this relaxing treatment.

-No Cage Drying- is ever used! It is always a one on one experience here at Adogable Pets.

The results are therapeutic, especially for older dogs with arthritis, sore muscles and hip dysplasia. Most importantly your pet will feel fantastic!

X Small- $15, Med-$20, Large $30, X Large $35

This add-on service is in addition to the price of a bath or groom.